Meet Our Wonderful




Junior is a 2nd year reading Experimental Psychology at Wadham College. He can readily be found having a discussion about morality somewhere and is annoyingly passionate about statistics. Junior is also the Wadham College Basketball Team Captain. He is the host of the society’s weekly podcast ‘Project Psychology’ and alongside our VP Denis, he has a keen focus on mediating the ongoings of the society and cultivating its development.



Denis is a 3rd year studying Experimental Psychology at St Hugh’s College. When he's not holed up in his room studying or coding, you’ll probably find him binge-watching sitcoms on Netflix, trying (badly) to play the piano, or fantasising about where to travel next. As Vice President, Denis assists our President in overseeing the happenings of the society and is in charge of chairing and writing minutes for our committee meetings.



Lauren is a 2nd Year Experimental Psychology student at Lady Margaret Hall. As Treasurer, she sorts out memberships, money from events, and all other incomings and outgoings for PsychSoc. In her free time she enjoys playing video games (Skyrim and Spyro), badminton, and going on long walks.


Speakers Officer

Emily is a 3rd year studying Psychology and Linguistics at St Anne’s College. She is interested in the overlap between psychology and linguistics, for example, Emily is looking at the movements of the vocal tract articulators in people who stutter for her research project. As one of the Speakers Officers, she arranges speakers for our podcast 'Project Psychology' and in-person events. She is also President of the Oxford board games society.


Speakers Officer

Zoe is a 2nd year reading Psychology and Linguistics at LMH and is one of the Speakers Officers. Her role involves recruiting podcast guests and speakers, as well as organizing speakers events (to the extent that covid allows it). Zoe's favourite area of psychology is language learning (not much of a surprise given that she also studies linguistics!) and she is also very keen on stats and philosophy of science and how we can apply knowledge from these areas to improve psychology research.


Marketing Officer

Natasha is a 2nd year studying Experimental Psychology at Brasenose College. As Marketing Officer her role involves promoting the society and its events, as well as sending out the society's newsletters. She’s also had a lot of fun this year creating and managing PsychSoc’s new website! Away from her desk, she can be found strolling around the Oxford Botanic Garden or watching too many Disney movies.


Social Secretary

Sophie is a 2nd year studying Experimental Psychology at St Hugh’s College. She is one of three Social Secs for the psychology society this year which means she helps organise and run (socially distanced) events for students. Sophie's hobbies include hanging out in the Rad Cam, drinking coffee and Bridge Thursdays.


Social Secretary

Tyrell is a 3rd year studying Experimental Psychology at Corpus Christi College. He makes up 1/3 of the Social Secretary position and works to ensure that social events run smoothly and members are content. When he’s not in the library, Tyrell enjoys going to concerts and watching Netflix.


Social Secretary

Silvia is going into her 2nd year at Wadham College doing Experimental Psychology. She is one of the Social Secs along with Sophie and Tyrell, so does her best to organise events for everyone to meet each other and socialise. Other than that, Silvia likes sitting in the Rad Cam, and drinking cider.


Arts Officer

Lottie is in her 2nd year of Experimental Psychology at Jesus College. As Arts Officer she is involved in design work for the website and magazine, and also helps make the PsychSoc stash! When she's not complaining about Perception you can find her attempting to row (badly) or sitting in a coffee shop pretending to be productive.



Ana is in her 4th year of studying Medicine at Corpus Christi College. When she’s not trying to figure out some obscure neuroscience paper, she enjoys overanalysing foreign films and pretending to know how to cook. Her role entails putting together and promoting the society’s termly journal, which means she gets to stay up to date with a wide range of exciting topics covered in the student-written articles we publish.