Meet Our Wonderful Committee!





I am a 3rd year reading Psychology and Linguistics at Lady Margaret Hall. My role involves overseeing the happenings of the society, as well as organising speaker events. My favourite areas of psychology are language acquisition and language in the brain (not much of a surprise given that I also study linguistics). I am also very keen on stats and philosophy of science and how we can apply knowledge from these areas to improve psychology research and solve the replicability crisis. As president, I want to focus on making the society more inclusive and highlight both the existing diversity within psychology, as well as showing how the field could do better.




I am a 3rd year studying Psychology and Linguistics at St Hilda's College. As Vice-President, I would like to improve the visibility of the society across Oxford by recruiting from the journalist community and work with societies across the UK and the world to increase collaborative work profiles to highlight postgraduate and undergraduate research being done at Oxford. I enjoy science communication and am passionate about scientific research, having conducted research in fields as varied as psycholinguistics, AI, and motor neuroscience.




I am a 3rd year studying Experimental Psychology at St Hilda’s College. In my role as treasurer I oversee the budget and membership for PsychSoc, and aim to help keep the society running smoothly so that it can continue to provide a great service. When I’m not in the Rad Cam you might find me practicing martial arts, going for a late night run, or hanging out at my college bar.


Marketing Officer


I am a 3rd year studying Experimental Psychology at Pembroke College. As the marketing officer, I manage the website, the Facebook page and send out the newsletters. This year I want to improve the engagement of the Psychology Society with students who aren’t studying Psychology by putting on more casual events. I can be found playing league of legends in the college library or training Mixed Martial Arts at Iffley.


Social Secretary


I am a 2nd year student studying Psychology and Linguistics (PPL) at St Hilda’s College. Along with the other social secretaries, my role involves organising events, managing the social media accounts of the society (catch me on the psych soc twitter!) and creating a fun social space within the society. This year I want to come back with a bang, bringing cohesion, excitement and engagement after many months of the pandemic. I also want to focus on making the society an inclusive space welcome to all! Outside of the society, you might find me in the studio recording my radio show, writing articles, raps and poems or trying to master every sport possible. 


Arts Officer


I’m a 3rd year studying Psychology and Linguistics at Worcester College. As the arts officer I design the visual content you see on Psych Soc’s website and social media, as well as designing and ordering stash. This year I want to keep the society looking recognisable and accessible, and maintain a visual record documenting the society’s undertakings as it continues to flourish. In my spare time you can find me producing music and playing video games. 




I’m a 3rd year studying English Literature at Worcester College. My role involves curating and promoting the society’s termly journal, as well as overseeing our weekly blog posts. This year I want to encourage more non-psychologists to share their thoughts with us and ensure our blog posts are inclusive. My favourite areas of psychology are psychoanalysis and psychosomatics. When I’m not talking about my obsession with Carl Jung, I can be found enjoying a glass of red wine, writing poetry, or cooking for my friends.

Blog Team

Bethany Shouk

Editorial Team


I’m a 3rd year studying Experimental Psychology at St Anne’s College. My role entails creating blog posts for PsychoSoc that are (hopefully) entertaining and informative as well as helping the Editor oversee their duties. My aim for this year is to make psychology accessible for people without specific education or training as psychology applies to everyone, and to make blogs that are relatable and interesting. Aside from studies, I enjoy long walks in Port Meadow, creating a fantastic new abomination in the kitchen and practicing yoga.

Tolu Atilola

Editorial team


I’m currently a 3rd year studying Medicine at Worcester College. This year, I’ll be writing articles for the PsychSoc blog - as well as helping out with other editorial duties. As a medic, I’m interested in the psychology of medical practice and psychiatry, especially the use of psychedelics in treatment-resistant disorders. I’d like to highlight how advances in other fields can intersect with Psychology, and produce some really exciting outcomes! Whilst I’m not in the library, you can find me in Buzz Gym or on the netball court. 

Eleni Athanasiou



I’m a third year studying History at Worcester College. This term, I will be editing and writing articles for the PsychSoc blog. Psychology and psychotherapy are fascinating and such a vital area of exploration, and contributing to the PsychSoc blog offers me a wonderful opportunity to explore this interest and expand my knowledge. I’d love to feel that I’ve played a role in normalising honest discussions about the mind and how it functions, and groups like PsychSoc help to do just that! I can usually be found lecturing someone on Renaissance art, explaining what Frued was wrong about or ambitiously baking cakes (that turn out lopsided).